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Liiketaloudellinen Aikakauskirja
4 / 2000
  • Pertti Lahdenperä
    Impact of Economic Cycles on the Use of Alternative Procurement Methods in Construction
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [289 KB]
  • Jyrki Niskanen and Mervi Niskanen
    Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable in Large Finnish Firms\' Balance Sheets: What determines their levels?
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [85 KB]
  • F.H. Rolf Seringhaus and Philip J. Rosson
    Exhibitors at International Trade Fairs: The Influence of Export Support
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [80 KB]
  • Vesa Suutari and Christelle Tornikoski
    Determinants of Expatriate Compensation - Findings among Expatriate Members of SEFE
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [125 KB]
  • Van R. Wood
    How Important Is Knowledge of the Culture Environ-ment When Evaluating Potential Export Markets? Empirical Results From A Sample of Experienced U.S. Exporters
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [93 KB]
  • Rado Bohinc
    Management Compensation and Profit Sharing. an overview of Slovenia and Selected European countries
    Summary (PDF)   [219 KB]
  • Juha-Pekka Kallunki
    Tilinpäätösinformaation käyttö yrityksen arvonmäärityksessä
    Summary (PDF)   [196 KB]
  • Tuomo Takala
    Yrityksen yhteiskunnallisen vastuun ideologiat v. 2000 suomalainen yritys globalisoituvassa maailmassa
    Summary (PDF)   [210 KB]
  • Uolevi Lehtinen
    Kauppatieteiden asemasta
    Summary (PDF)   [189 KB]
  • Power Relations in the Health Care Field: Accounting, Accountants, and Economic Reasoning in the New Public Management Reforms in Finland
    Summary (PDF)   [189 KB]
  • Essays on Investors' Trading Policy around Interim Earnings Announcements in a Thinly Traded Securities Market
    Summary (PDF)   [193 KB]
  • Lobbying as a Part of Business Management
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]
  • Mastery and slavery. Triangulatory Views on Owner-Manager\'s Managerial Work
    Summary (PDF)   [189 KB]