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Liiketaloudellinen Aikakauskirja
1 / 1998
  • Lars G. Hassel
    Budget Communication Moderate Incongruent Budget Emphasis between the Superior and Subordinate
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [49 KB]
  • Klaus Kultti and Juha-Pekka Niinimäki
    Demand Uncertainty in a Cournot-duopoly
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [57 KB]
  • Tuija Virtanen
    Strategic Control Information in Airline Route Decision
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [97 KB]
  • Eeva-Mari Ihantola
    Understanding the Organizational Budgeting Climate Taking as a Basis the Holistic Concept of Man
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [97 KB]
  • Hannu Niittykangas, Hannu Littunen and Ulla Kinnunen
    Forced founding – does it differ?
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [70 KB]
  • Choice of Technology in a Natural-Based Industry: Business Ethics in the Pulp and Paper Industry
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]
  • Recreational Shopping. The Role of the Basic Emotional Dimensions of Personality
    Summary (PDF)   [190 KB]
  • Role of References in International Industrial Marketing – A Theory-Building Case Study about Supplier’s Processes of Utilizing References
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB]
  • A Link between Consumer Dis/satisfaction and Postpurchase Word-of-Mouth Intentions: An Experimental Study
    Summary (PDF)   [190 KB]
  • Competitor Information and Competitive Knowledge Management in a Large, Industrial Organization
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB]
  • A Network Approach to Industrial Business Processes. A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB]
  • Division of Service and Business Processes
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]
  • On the Regulation of Pollution and Polluters´ Long-Time Compliance Strategies
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB]
  • Foreign Involvement in Resource-rich Developing Countries Market Selection and Level of Involvement in GCC Markets Compared with Western European Markets
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB]
  • Managing Design Getting Lost Writing Touch – A Study Questioning Naming in Oikonomia, Metaphysics and Spacing Sense
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]
  • Premediation Analysis of the Energy Taxation Dispute in Finland
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]
  • Adoption and Implementation of Activity-Based Costing: Practice, Problems and Motives
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]