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Liiketaloudellinen Aikakauskirja
4 / 1998
  • Kjell Grønhaug and Geir Gripsrud
    Exploring the Robustness of Organizational Buying Knowledge: the Case of Purchase Behavior in Public Schools
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [45 KB]
  • Sauli Karvonen and Jan Holmström
    Operational Development Potential in Project Oriented Manufacturing Industries in Finland
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [250 KB]
  • Klaus Kultti
    Price Formation by Bargaining and Posted Prices
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [152 KB]
  • Janne Tienari and Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen
    Merging for the Future: Orchestrated Blending and the Ambiguity of Organizational Culture
    Summary (PDF)   [189 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [430 KB]
  • Henrikki Tikkanen
    Gibson Burrell's Pandemonium. Towards Retro-organization Theory?
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]
  • Gibson Burrellin Pandemonium. Kohti retrospektiivista organisaatioteoriaa?
    Paper (PDF)   [201 KB]
  • Päätöksenteko ja strategia yrityksen valuuttariskien hallinnassa – päätöksentekijät
    Summary (PDF)   [196 KB]
  • ”Accounting losses, investors’ growth expectations and the association between stock returns and accounting earnings”
    Summary (PDF)   [191 KB]
  • Efficient Governance of Interorganizational Business Relationships
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]
  • Managerial Views on Distribution Systems – Heuristic Justification of Centralization and Postponement
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]
  • Improving the Potentials of Logistics Processes: Identification and Solutions
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB]
  • Expatriate Experience and Career: Studies on Cross-Cultural Transfers, Modern Ordering and Limits of Career Management in Multinational Corporations
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]