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Liiketaloudellinen Aikakauskirja
3 / 1998
  • Peter Björk
    The Value of Green Labels – a Consumer Perspective
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [110 KB]
  • Antti J. Kanto, Hannu A. Kahra, Dallas R. Blevins and Hannu J. Schadewitz
    An Explanation of the Unusual Behavior of Some Market Model Residuals
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [40 KB]
  • Erkki K. Laitinen
    Nonsteady Corporate Model in Bankruptcy Prediction
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [60 KB]
  • Markku Vieru
    Pre-disclosure Information Asymmetry and Information Content as a Means of Explaining Trading Volume Responses to Interim Earnings Announcements in a Thinly Traded Stock Market
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [94 KB]
  • Petri Lehto and Ilkka Aalto-Setälä
    Merger Control – the Role of Economics in Applying the Law
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [78 KB]
  • Václav KupCvák
    Economic Transformation of Forestry and Management of Forest Joint-Stock Companies in the Czech Republic
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [197 KB]
  • Becoming an Innovative High-tech Entrepreneur
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]
  • Essays on Environmental Value Chain Management – Challenges of Sustainable Development
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB]
  • Regional Economic Differences in Finland: Variations in Income Growth and Firm Formation
    Summary (PDF)   [189 KB]
  • The Substitution of Letter Mail in Targeted Communication
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]
  • Job Security Provisions, Wage Setting and Unemployment Persistence
    Summary (PDF)   [189 KB]
  • An Approach to Multiple Objective Quadratic-Linear Programming, with an Application to Portfolio Selection
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB]