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Liiketaloudellinen Aikakauskirja
1 / 1997   -  Special issue - kevään teemanumero - Environment, management and society - Ympäristö, liiketalous ja yhteiskunta
  • Liisa Uusitalo
    Consumer Choices and the Environment
    Summary (PDF)   [190 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [55 KB]
  • Pirkko Kasanen
    The Consumer and Environmentally Motivated Energy Conservation - Research and Challenges
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [42 KB]
  • Minna Halme
    Environmental Management Paradigm Shifts in UPM-Kymmene in the 1990s
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [44 KB]
  • Lassi Linnanen and Elina Markkanen
    Environmental Value Chain Management in the Search of Sustain-ability - Concepts and an Example From the Food Industry
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [47 KB]
  • Risto Mätäsaho and Mikael Niskala
    Environmental Accounting in Power Context
    Summary (PDF)   [188 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [49 KB]
  • Mikko Jalas
    Of the Products and the Production of Tomorrow
    Summary (PDF)   [187 KB] , Paper (PDF)   [33 KB]