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4 / 1999   -  SPECIAL ISSUE: Role of Cooperative Entrepreneurship in Modern Market Environment
  • Samuli Skurnik and Vesa Vihriälä
    Role of Cooperative Entrepreneurship in the Modern Market Environment
    Paper (PDF)   [837 KB]
  • Henry Hansmann
    Cooperative Firms in Theory and Practice
    Paper (PDF)   [355 KB]
  • Bengt Holmström
    Future of Cooperatives: A Corporate Perspective
    Paper (PDF)   [350 KB]
  • Murray Fulton
    Cooperatives and Member Commitment
    Paper (PDF)   [461 KB]
  • Antti Kuusterä
    Niche of Cooperative Banking in Finland during the First Half of the Twentieth Century
    Paper (PDF)   [340 KB]
  • Jerker Nilsson
    Co-operative Organisational Models as Reflections of the Business Environments
    Paper (PDF)   [421 KB]
  • Gert van Dijk
    Evolution of Business Structure and Entrepreneurship of Cooperatives in the Horti- and Agribusiness
    Paper (PDF)   [207 KB]
  • Risto Tainio
    Strategic Change in the Evolution of Cooperatives
    Paper (PDF)   [63 KB]
  • Olle Hakelius
    How Will European Farmer Cooperatives Cope with the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow?
    Paper (PDF)   [67 KB]
  • Jorma Vaajoki
    Case Metsäliitto - Serving the Strategic Needs of the Finnish Forrest Owners
    Paper (PDF)   [1095 KB]
  • Henk Vlessert
    A Matter of Balance - On Corporate Governance and Strategy of the Rabobank
    Paper (PDF)   [832 KB]
  • Michael L. Cook and Constantine Iliopoulos
    Beginning to Inform the Theory of the Cooperative Firm: Emergence of the New Generation Cooperative
    Paper (PDF)   [498 KB]